Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chapter 1.5: Consequential Timing

One afternoon, Scarlett pulls Elijah aside to make a very important announcement.

"Y- You're p-p-pregnant?!" Elijah stammers. "I'm g-going to be a father?!"

Scarlett nods, her face shining with excitement.

"I've been carrying this around for a while now, looking for the perfect moment," Elijah tells her, fumbling around in his back pocket. "I can't think of any better time than now," he says as he drops to one knee.

"Scarlett, will you marry me?"

She never wanted anything else.

They decide to have a private ceremony, with just the two of them in attendance.

With a baby on the way, Scarlett gets into a nesting mood and remodels their house, renovating the unfinished attic to make room for the nursery.

To Scarlett, life is perfect right now. She can't wait to be a mother.

Surprisingly, Ryder is thrilled at the idea of becoming a grandfather.

While Scarlett's out with Ryder, a rather unwelcome guest decides to drop by and visit Elijah.

"Hello Elijah," Carmen purrs. "Don't you look sophisticated today. Plaid shirt and a vest? How... quaint," she says, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Eli clenches his teeth, trying to control his temper. "Well hello Carmen," he replies. "I didn't realize you'd crept back into town. Does Ryder know you're here?"

"No, I actually came to see you. I need to ask for a favor."

Elijah laughs, the hollow sound echoing against the walls. "What makes you think I'd help you?" he asks after a minute.

Carmen smirks. "Because," she retorts, her dark gray eyes glimmering with triumph. "I know what you did to Johnny Johnson."

Eli freezes. "You... what?"

"You remember Mr. Johnson, the kind old man that wound up in the hospital with three broken bones and a severe concussion? He's doing much better now, although he is still suffering from rather acute memory loss. The doctors have hope that one day he'll be able to remember who gave him such a violent beating."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Elijah lies, his voice flat and impassive.

"Sure you do," Carmen smiles. "You're the one who put him there."

Eli stares at her, his face burning with panicked anger. "What do you want Carmen?" he growls.

"I need you to start a little rumor for me. The divorce proceedings between Ryder and I are not going as well as I'd hoped. It appears that due to a couple of minor affairs I had years ago Ryder is going to be awarded the bulk of our assets. I want you to speak with a couple of tabloids and tell them that Ryder has been sleeping with Scarlett. You could even suggest that she's pregnant with his child, to make it more convincing. You do that, and I promise that no one will ever find out about your fight with Mr. Johnson."

"Are you crazy Carmen?!" Elijah yells, his temper snapping. "I'd rather die than put my wife through that shit! Get the fuck out of my house!" he screams.

Carmen glares at him and smiles cruelly. "Fine," she replies, her tone just a little bit too sweet. "You'll regret this though." And with those final words, she leaves.

That night, Carmen stops by again. With Elijah at work, the only one home is the very pregnant Scarlett. She's not happy about the intrusion.

Scarlett invites Carmen inside anyway. "What do you want?" she asks, jumping right to the point.

"Oh, Scarlett," Carmen says, a look of forced sympathy on her face. "You didn't hear?"

Scarlett frowns. "Hear what?"

"Elijah. He's been arrested."

The color drains from Scarlett's face. "Arrested?!" she whispers, shocked. "For what?"

"It's all over the news, my dear. He's been charged in the beating of Johnny Johnson."

Scarlett feels dizzy. She knew Elijah was upset about the incident, but she never thought he would actually hurt Johnny because of it. She walks over to the sofa and sits down, feeling dazed and confused.

"I- I can't believe it," she stutters. "Is he okay? How long will he be there for? Can I see him? Oh my God, what about the baby..." she babbles, her face full of worry.

"My dear," Carmen interrupts. "Do you know what the punishment is for assault? Five years in jail. He's being held with no bail. Apparently, there is some pretty solid evidence behind the charges."

Scarlett looks terrified. "C-Carmen," she says slowly. "I-I don't f-feel so g-good."

She gets up from the sofa, struggling to support her large, pregnant body, when suddenly she feels the crippling pains of labor set in.

"I can't have the baby yet!" she cries, grimacing from the sharp stabbing sensation in her belly. "Elijah's not here. I'm not ready!" she sobs.

The baby doesn't care. It's time.

Challenge Notes:

Here is my generation 2 roll:

Marital Status: Single Parent with Help
Number of Children: 2
Primary Income: Busker
Secondary Income: Medical
Generation Goal: Hobby, or Obsession?
Miscellaneous Fun: It's So You


  1. D :

    Carmen you bitch!

    I'll admit it. This chapter gave me shivers. I wish I could make villains that... evil. All mine just come out annoying or slightly mischevious. So jealous right now.

    I hope Scarlett and the baby are alright... and I hope Carmen gets whats coming to her.

  2. Lol. Same with me Cece. I'm not very good at creating unique characters. But Buckley sure is. *jealous face*

    I can't wait to see their child, assuming everything goes okay... And I really hope that Eli is all right! Stupid Carmen.

  3. Evil evil Carmen!

    Hope Scarlett & the baby are ok and Elijah gets out of trouble (unless of course we find out Carmen lied as a way of causing trouble/persuading Elijah to go along with her evil plans in which case I hope he avoids getting into trouble)

  4. Oh boy, oh boy. Another brilliant chapter. They're right, you certainly have a way with writing evil characters!! =)

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