Friday, December 2, 2011

Chapter 1.7: Unfaithful

Life around the McKinley household falls into a comfortable routine. Faye's teenage birthday arrives on a busy Wednesday and goes by almost unnoticed.

Sarah and Spirit, Scarlett's horses, have a colt named Duke. He looks almost identical to his father.

Anastasia inherits her mother's passion for animals. Every spare minute she gets, she spends with Duke.

Faye on the other hand does not always share her mother's interests. Scarlett's already broaching the subject of grandchildren.

Faye's response: Utter terror.

 Nathaniel has his own interests. Named Simone...


And Kristina...


And Beth...


One day, Elijah gets a call from his old boss Kanoa. After years of serving under the man, Elijah recently became his partner and the gang's master thief. This visit, however, is in regards to a different matter entirely.

"I want to buy your wife's horse," Kanoa states as Elijah walks into the room.

"Spirit? Scarlett's prize winning stallion? He's not for sale," Eli responds, frowning.

"No," Kanoa says with forced patience. "I want Duke."

Silence hangs in the air, thick and heavy. "Duke? Scarlett's colt?" Elijah sounds surprised. "He is going to be my daughter's teenage birthday present."

"Buy her a car like normal parents do. I want that horse Elijah," Kanoa tells him, his voice sharp and low.

Elijah shakes his head. "I'm sorry Kanoa. He's not mine to sell."

Kanoa stares at him, his face unreadable. "Elijah," he begins. "You do remember our little agreement? I saved you from jail, and you owe me three favors. I'm asking you, as my second favor, to sell me Duke."

"Why do you want him?" Elijah asks suspiciously. "You don't even know how to ride."

"I've taken a keen interest in horse racing recently. There is a lot of money to be made in the gambling ring."

Elijah quirks an eyebrow. "Isn't that illegal?"

"Let me put it to you this way boy," Kanoa snarls. "If I don't get Duke, your wife finds out about your role in my gang. I don't think she would be pleased to learn that you've been lying to her all these years."

The color drains from Eli's face. "You wouldn't," he whispers.

"I would, and you know it," Kanoa replies smugly.

Elijah glares at him. "Fine," he says at last. "Come over tomorrow afternoon and speak with Scarlett about the deal. She won't just give him away, but for the right price he's yours."

Kanoa grins triumphantly. "Excellent."

Elijah gets home late that night. "Hi Scar," he greets her. "I brought you something..."

Scarlett gazes at him curiously. "Oh, yeah?" she asks.

He presents her with a bouquet of white roses.

"Flowers?!" she exclaims enthusiastically, burying her nose amidst their sweet scent. "What's the occasion?"

"Why does there have to be an occasion?" he retorts. "Can't I just surprise you once in a while?"

"Yes, I guess so." Scarlett sounds suspicious.

She puts the flowers down as Elijah draws her in for a hug. "I just wanted to tell you how much I love you," he says. "That's all."

"I love you too Elijah," she whispers back, relaxing as he holds her close.

"Honey," he murmus sweetly in her ear. "I think we should sell Duke."

Scarlett pulls away abruptly.

"What?" she asks sharply.

"Duke," Elijah says slowly. "The colt."

"I thought we were going to give him to Ana. For her teenage birthday."

"Well, yes. That is what we discussed," Elijah fidgets uncomfortably. "But I was talking to a good friend of mine today, Kanoa Parrott, and he is interested in purchasing the young stallion once he's been trained a bit."

"But what about Ana?"

"Well, we can buy her a car. Like normal parents do."

Scarlett narrows her eyes. "Elijah," she begins slowly. "Why do you care?"

"Because, Scarlett," he replies irritably. "We need to think about our future. Our... Our retirement! This is an excellent opportunity to actually earn some money off of your little hobby."

Scarlett glares at him, her eyes burning with anger. "My little hobby?" she repeats incredulously.

"Yes," he defends. "It costs us more money to maintain those damn horses than you've ever brought in racing."

Scarlett looks livid. "Fine, Elijah," she whispers coldly. "I'll sell Duke. But just know, I can only be pushed so far."

Kanoa comes by the next day to discuss the details of the transaction. Scarlett agrees to board Duke for a while and train him, before giving him over to Kanoa to begin his racing career.

A few days later, Anastasia brings home a friend from school. His name is Derrick Schmidt, and Ana loves the fact that he loves horses. She's very impressed right now.

Across town, Faye is making friends of her own, with the cutest boy in school. Louis Singleton is a senior while Faye is only a freshmen, but she just can't help herself. He's recently single (after Nathaniel broke up him and his girlfriend Beth), and Faye loves to flirt.

"I really like you Faye," he says, holding her hands in his. "You're different than the other girls around Appaloosa Plains. You don't giggle as much they do, and you don't play games with me."

Faye smiles, suppressing the urge to giggle. His skin feels warm and rough, and she likes the way his eyes sparkle in the late afternoon sun. "I'm just honest," she replies. "I mean, if you want something I say go for it. Live life with no regrets."

"I like that," he whispers.

They stand there awkwardly for a minute, neither one really knowing what to say, or do, next.

...Until Faye leans in and kisses him.

Gentle at first, his lips linger on hers, becoming more assertive as the minutes pass. Finally, they break apart, and Faye quickly excuses herself and leaves. She knows what will come next, a proposal to go steady, but she's not sure she's ready to be "committed". At fifteen, it seems like a monumental decision.

The days pass by, and Duke becomes a full-grown stallion. Scarlett immediately begins his training regime.

Anastasia becomes a teenager.

She gets along well with her brother Nathaniel.

"I hate school," she whines.

"I don't," Nathan replies. "Sure, math sucks. But I get to see Beth."

Ana smirks. "So her name is Beth today? I thought you were dating Kristina?"

"No. Kristina decided to go steady with Rupert. I'm with Beth now."

"What about Simone?"

"I dumped her when Kristina came on the market."

Anastasia rolls her eyes. "Player," she accuses.

Nathan grins. "And proud of it," he retorts.

Faye walks in and sits down with them.

"Speaking of players," Anastasia says with a grin, exchanging looks with Nathaniel.

"What are you all talking about?" Faye demands irritably.

"Like you don't know," Anastasia taunts. "The whole school heard about your little encounter with Louis."

Faye glares at her sister. "I don't know what you're talking about," she lies.

Always ready for a juicy bit of gossip, Nathan presses her further. "Come on Faye. It's just me and Ana. You can tell us."

Faye frowns. "Tell you what? Nothing happened."

"That's not what I heard," he nags.

"Me either," Anastasia chimes in. "The girls in my gym class said that you and Lou made out in front of the school!"

"Just leave me alone!" Faye snaps. "It's none of your business what Louis and I did or didn't do!"

She gets up and furiously shoves her chair into the table, storming off to her bedroom. She doesn't like gossip, and she doesn't appreciate her siblings trying to butt their noses into her business. So what if Louis is popular? She doesn't have to deal with that kind of notoriety.

The next morning Kanoa arrives bright and early to pick up Duke. Scarlett doesn't notice (or perhaps she can't even see) the faint red glow surrounding the older man.

Duke can though, and he's not happy to be leaving with this stranger.

Scarlett says her final farewell to the colt she's raised since birth. She doesn't let Kanoa see the tears spilling down her cheeks.

She'll miss her fiesty friend dearly.

After Kanoa leaves, Elijah comes out to comfort his wife. Seeing her distraught face breaks his already aching heart.

"I didn't want to sell him," she whispers.

"I know dear. It was for the best though," he tells her softly.

She gives him a long, hard look. "I hope you know what you're doing Elijah. That's all I have to say." Then, she turns and walks into the house, leaving Eli alone to ponder her last words.

Challenge Notes:

I changed my mind about my generation 2 heir. Faye will be my heir, because I adore her teenage self. I think she's my favorite teen that I've ever played (including Beatrix and Ethan), and I just love her already. It was a hard call though, cause I had to re-do my plot for the upcoming generation.

Generation 1 is *almost* done. Just one or two more chapters, and I can move on. For my progress report, Elijah and Scarlett have both reached the pinnacle of their careers. I was really happy that Scarlett reached level 10 in the Equestrian career because I believe it requires earnings of upwards of 70,000 Simoleons (and it wasn't easy, lol). It was nice to get that before she aged into an elder. Also, I had no idea that master thieves got so much loot through their careers! Elijah has brought home at least 40,000 Simoleons worth of goods just through the little "trinket" pop-up thing.

Which means I was able to buy the two cheapest venues in Appaloosa Plains and a partnership in the bookstore, thus completing my property mogul goal. For generation 1's miscellaneous fun, I've been pretty good about giving either Scarlett or Elijah a new outfit each week, although I did count Scarlett's pregnancy outfit one week. Really, all that's left for my first generation is the story. Honestly guys, just one more chapter and I swear I'll be moving on. =)


A close up of Derrick Schmidt, Anastasia's friend. He inherited his reddish pink hair from his pre-made, already deceased grandmother. I think he's adorable.

Hana Sabo, Nadira's daughter. She looks nothing like her mother, except for her hair color.

She did, however, inherit her mom's passion for making trouble. <3

Scarlett greets her aunt, Selina Boyson. In the background, Selina's husband Jedidiah is still as crazy as ever. The Boysons ended up having three kids, and they're still madly in love with each other. I have never (ever) had someone with commitment issues stay with their partner this long. Jed must really love her. =D

Last (but definitely not least): This woman aged into an adult and autonomously dressed herself this way. With the hair and everything. LOL! I can't for the life of me remember who she resembles, but OMG she looks so cool! (If anyone knows who this looks like, please please PLEASE tell me! It's really bugging me!)


  1. An African American Bride of Frankenstien?
    I would love Faye to be the heir!!! (Granger will swat you if you don't :P)

  2. I have no idea about the lady with the halloween hair buuuut...

    Hana Sabo = Han Solo. First thing that came to mind. I actually really like her. She's pretty.

    I'm so sad Eli made Scar sell her horse but it sort of gave me the feeling that she knows something's up. *pouts* I think she needs a hug. (I'm available)

    Nathaniel you player! xD He kills me. And I'm so happy you picked Faye for your heir. She's beautiful.

  3. BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN! That's what it is! Thanks Emma! I owe you one. =)

    The name Hana was chosen autonomously by the game (I think). But yeah, that's pretty much an awesome name now that you mention that. I'm glad you like her. For anyone who plays in AP (and cares), Zac Whipsnake is Hana's father.

    I'm happy y'all like Faye. =D

  4. Faye is beautiful! Can't wait to see her generation.

    And it was said to watch Scarlett let Duke go. :( Stupid Kanoa.

  5. Faye is gorgeous

    I have a nasty feeling selling that foal is going to come back and bite Elijah big time...

  6. Faye is really beautiful.

    Elijah is definitely getting himself into trouble with Scarlett. I can't wait to se where that leads.