Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chapter 2.1: Pressure


Elijah becomes an elder.

Immediately followed by Scarlett.

Faye has her adult birthday the next day.

Faye (on the right) and her BFF Heath Singleton (in the middle) graduate together. Also graduating today: Laurence Shepherd, heir to the Shepherd family fortune.

Faye and Heath head back to Heath's house after the ceremony.

"Where's Louis?" Faye asks, wondering if Heath's older brother is home.

"Probably out with his girlfriend, Yvonne," he says, making a face.

"Oh," Faye sounds disappointed. "Are they serious?"

"God I hope not," Heath replies. "He could do so much better." Noticing Faye's crestfallen expression, Heath suggests they go watch an old romantic movie. That always cheers him up when he's blue.

"OMG! Did you see that?!" Heath looks shocked. "He let her get into the plane. He actually let her get into the plane! HOLY CRAP, WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?!"

...Sometimes Faye wonders why she even bothers.

The next day, Scarlett decides to broach a very important subject with her eldest daughter: Grandchildren.

"So, how's life?" Scarlett wants know.


"Are you seeing anybody special?" she asks.


"Are there any prospects on the horizon?"


"Well, Patricia's son Roger is single too. Pat said that he is looking for a girlfriend right now..."

Faye sighs. "Roger is gay, Mom."

"Oh really? I must make note of that. What about Kevin, from down the block? He works at the hospital, you know."


"It's nice that you are so independent dear, but I'd really love to hear the pitter-patter of little feet again."

Not even cake is worth this kind of torture. Faye excuses herself and leaves.

She heads down to the neighborhood pool, to get away from her family for a while.

"Hey Faye!" Laurence Shepherd greets her enthusiastically. "I didn't know you were going to be here today!"

Faye grins. Swimming is much more fun when you've got a cute boy to hang out with. "Hi Laurence. Are you coming or going?"

"Well, I was about to leave, but now that you're here I'd much rather stay," he says, flashing her a smile.

Faye giggles.

After a quick wardrobe change, they meet by the pool. They do very little swimming, however, and a whole lot more talking.

Holy abs, Faye didn't realize he was ripped. Well this just changes everything...

Talking quickly turns into flirting.

(Side note: Ryder (Faye's grandfather) makes an appearance at the pool today as well. He's wondering if perhaps he should have saved his little lecture for Faye instead of her brother Nathaniel...)

"Faye, I think you're awesome, and I really, really like you," Laurence tells her. "But I just don't know if there's much of a future for us..."

"Laurence, I'm not looking for a commitment," Faye says with a laugh. "Honestly, I just want to have a good time."

Laurence sighs, relieved. "Cool, me too," he agrees.

Faye's never been shy about making the first move.

And Laurence is more than happy to make the second.

In the background, Keller (in the pirate boots) watches him jealously. Why won't his wife make out with him while standing around half naked at the neighborhood public pool?!

Oh yeah. Cause she's too busy flirting with her boss Ryder.

Ryder sees nothing wrong with this picture.

Benni then proceeds to chat up Ryder about her and Keller's three kids. Still, Ryder has no problem with this scene. None what-so-ever.

Apparently, Ryder really attracts the younger women. Maisy Miller (the town slut) makes a move on him next.

...He quite enjoys the attention. It's just like the good old days back in Hollywood.

Speaking of, some of the older demographic even remember him from his days on the silver screen. Ryder could have lived without seeing Oriole Bird in her swimsuit though.

But back to the story!

The sun begins to set as Laurence leans in and pulls Faye toward him. "You wanna hang out again?" he whispers in her ear.

"I'd love to," she purrs.

"How about tomorrow night? I'll meet you at the Red Cow."

"Perfect," she grins. Who needs Louis anyway?

(Side note: Maisy, you skank!)

Their date the following night goes very, very well.

Laurence and Faye can't seem to keep their hands off each other.

As the evening winds down and the bar begins to close, they finally break apart.

"Babe, you wanna take this back to my place?" Laurence asks with a cocky grin.

Faye hesitates. "I don't know Laurence," she says. "This was fun and all, but I'm just not sure I'm ready..."

"Come on, Faye," he urges. "It will be fun!"

Faye shakes her head. "No. Not tonight."

Laurence looks perturbed, but he drives her home anyway. The car ride is long and silent.

The next morning, Faye wakes up late in the afternoon. She yawns, stretches, and makes her way out to the living room where she finds her father sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Do you know what time it is, young lady?" he lectures.

She hazards a guess. "12:00?"

"Subtract a one from that and you've got your answer. It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon Faye! What were you thinking?!"

Faye rolls her eyes. "I just stayed out late last night. It's no biggie, Dad. I'll get up early tomorrow."

"Faye," Elijah says, taking that all too familiar father-knows-best tone. "You need to learn some responsibility."

"Sure Dad, whatever you say."

"When are you going to get a job?" he demands.

"My music is my job," she replies.

"No. Music is your brother's job. He works at the theater, with a steady salary and benefits. You hang around the house in your pajamas all day and spend all night out partying with your friends! What kind of a life is that, young lady?"

A good one, Faye thinks. "I'll start making money once I can find someone to join my band. Some day, people will pay me to perform on their stages."

"Some day better come sooner rather than later," Elijah retorts. "Some day, you're going to have to start paying your own bills."

"Sure Dad. Some day."

Faye meets Heath later that evening. She wants to discuss her date with Laurence.

"...And he wanted me to come home with him!" she exclaims.

"Did you?" Heath asks casually.

Faye gawks. "No! Of course not!"

"Oh, why not?"

"Heath! I'm a virgin!"

Heath looks surprised. "Really? Why?"

Faye's eyes widen. "I- I- I don't know. I always thought I'd save myself for 'the one'."

Heath laughs. "God, you sound like a twelve-year-old. Sex is fun Faye. You should try it."

Faye heads home early that night, Heath's words still burning in the back of her mind. Perhaps he is right. Perhaps she shouldn't be such a prude.

Faye and Laurence go on a couple more dates, but Laurence doesn't invite her home again. Until tonight.

Faye reluctantly agrees. She doesn't love Laurence, but she doesn't like being called a twelve-year-old either. It can't be so bad, right?

Despite the discomfort and awkwardness of her first time, Faye really enjoys herself.

...Until the next morning and the Walk of Shame.

Faye wakes up alone in Laurence's bed, with Laurence nowhere to be found. She gets up, dresses herself, and leaves the safety of his bedroom, deciding to go and find him.

Instead she finds his twin sister Kristina and her friend Beth.

"He could do so much better," Kristina complains. "If Mom only knew the kind of trash he brings home, I'm sure she would make me the heir..."

Faye tries to sneak by them, but Beth sees her and motions to Kristina.

"Oh, hi Faye," Beth greets her.

"Hey Beth. Hi Kristina," Faye returns their fake smiles with a sarcastic grin of her own. She stares at Beth's swollen belly for a minute, realizing that she must be pregnant. She knows Nathaniel was dating her a couple of months ago, and they just broke up. Doing some mental math, she realizes that her brother must be the baby's father... Unless, of course, Beth cheated on him. Which Faye thinks is totally plausible.

They stand there awkwardly for what feels like hours before Faye breaks the painful silence. "Have you all seen Laurence?" she asks.

Kristina smirks. "Oh yes. A few hours ago, when he left for work."

Faye frowns. "Oh, right. Okay, I'll, uh, I'll just be leaving then..."

"Good idea," Kristina retorts.

At home, Faye does her best to tiptoe in the back door.

"We hear you, Faye," Elijah announces.

Faye is in no mood for a lecture. "I'll be in my room!" she yells as she stomps upstairs and slams the door closed.

Elijah sighs and scoots down next to Scarlett. "What are we going to do about her?" he whispers sadly.

Scarlett shakes her head. "There's only so much we can do," she replies.

Challenge Notes:

So I lied. Ryder did appear in my story again. He's 120 days old now, and my age span is (and always has been) set to 100. I seriously can't figure out why he's still alive, but oh man, am I ever glad that he is! I love, love, love him!

On a different note, I absolutely adore story progression. I really do. But gosh darn it, it keeps messing with my plot! Nothing too serious, just minor inconveniences, but still. Enough to change my story. I swear, any guy that Faye shows an interest in immediately becomes unavailable. Ugh! Her romance with Laurence actually occurred over the span of several days more than it appeared to. He kept going steady with all sorts of other women.

Also, the way I wrote the scene at his house was EXACTLY what happened. Laurence ditched Faye, then Faye woke up, changed clothes, walked out into the hall, and found Kristina and Beth talking about him. Truly a walk of shame if I ever saw one.


  1. xD Oh man, Faye's turning out to be quite the character. I'm enjoying her a lot. She's just so funny.

    Also funny: Ryder. Gosh I love him so much <3. He is and always will be dear to my heart. Man-hoe or no.

  2. I laughed at Heath's porno-stache. I can never put that facial hair on sims because I get too distracted. LOL.

    I love Faye. Seriously.

    And Ryder flirting with all ladies was great. : )

  3. I love the way Faye's doesn't want commitment but also wanted to wait for "the one"

  4. Thanks guys!

    Lol Giga. I've never used that mustache before either, but now I'm definitely not changing it! XD

    Nice observation, Ali! Faye doesn't want commitment with just any guy, but perhaps she'll be more open to the idea once she finds the right guy. But then again, who knows? ; )

  5. Faye is lovely!! :D i'd nick her to for my game if you gave me the chance :P

  6. Faye, I love Faye. Being a slacker, I love other slackers.
    I loved the conversation with Scarlett, that was so real. I mean, I've heard that a gazillion times, lol.
    The pool scene with Ryder was a classic.

  7. Haha, that stache was definitely a shock when wesaw Heath's face for the first time! Haha. Guess it can't be chalked up to 'Movember then, huh?

    Faye is a great character, seems awfully conflicted career wise AND relationship wise! Great stuff! =)

  8. Heath is the best thing I've ever seen.

    I'm guessing he has store hair?

  9. I'm so glad y'all like Faye and Heath! Becky, Heath's hair is from the store, the men's bohemian set. =(

  10. My goodness, she has such lovely clothes! I don't believe I have ever seen them before. The walk-of shame was hilarious, especially catching people doing the one thing you despise (gossip). Moving on...